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The Firm offers advice and legal assistance in the areas of: - civil law, with specific regard to contract law, bankruptcy law, corporate law and banking, recovery of credits; - employment law; -criminal law; - tax law; administrative law, with specific regard to public employment, to the legislation of public bodies, the procurement law, law on construction and urban planning, as well as the study and evaluation of the performance of the P. A. pursuant to Legislative decree. 150/2009 and the following; immigration law; law of the web.

In order to provide a comprehensive service and continues, the Study employs a network of professionals and external collaborators throughout the national territory and guarantees its customers a qualified and personalized, offering, in addition to the usual performance of the consultancy study and legal assistance, the possibility of obtaining advice, opinions, on line fast and adjusted to the personal needs of each.

Depending on the type of intervention that is required, it is possible to identify the tariff plans fixed and contracted, commensurate with the type of service provided and to the different needs.

In the case in which, on the outcome of the advice received or as a result of the meeting was at our studio, it becomes necessary to act or stand in the judgment, the Firm is able to offer the necessary assistance throughout Italy through a network of domiciliatari of confidence. The cost of this next task will be, also in this case, predetermined via a flat rate or based on the result in writing before taking any action.






This Firm operates and assists its Clients in accordance with Reg. EU 679/2016, the general Regulation on data protection/GDPR