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He graduated in Law c/o the University of Catania in 2004 and achieved the qualification to the legal profession in the year 2007, has since made a serious approach and concrete to the true role of the Lawyer in modern that is based on the preparation, updating and specialization. He was a professor of law c/o Institution of Training public; Tutor in a Community project of social integration c/o the CNA of Catania; Member of the Board of Arbitrators of the Consortium Cofiap the Mediterranean. Passionate about law, administrative and civil law, in its various branches, has provided and provides legal advice and defence in litigation in the various trade Unions, both in the school sector, the arts sector and the medical sector, as well as some P. A.. founder-Member and treasurer of the national Association of interprofessional U. Gi.P.The.; Professional mediator and founder member, vice President and treasurer of the Association AR.CO.ME. as an Organism of Mediation recognized by the Ministry of Justice since 2009. In 2015 he earned a Master's degree in "Banking and Financial Law". Married and the father of two beautiful little girls.