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Graduate of the University of Catania in the year 2004 with a thesis in criminal law on “the crime of False testimony”, after a fruitful period of professional practice and at the studio of Mr. Vincenzo Scudieri, obtained in the year 2005 admitted to practice in minor causes, and in the year 2007, enabling the exercise of the legal profession. Enrolled in the register of lawyers of the court of Catania, to the passion for the criminal law, which is the main subject of specialisation, associated to a decennial competence in immigration law, providing advice and assistance in court and out of court. Former professor of criminal law in the years 2013 and 2014 in the “course of introduction to the activities of the property manager” organised by ANACI (national Association of condominium administrators and property), has several interventions as speaker in the field of criminal law and Immigration law. He is the author of articles on Italian citizenship and international protection for refugees. Member Asgi (Association for legal Studies on immigration), vice-president of the association Terramicaonlus, trustee of the Antiracist Network Catania, collaborates with various associations of mauritius, bengalis and sri lankans. Included in the list of the defenders Office grants to the less wealthy the chance to take advantage of legal aid. The branch of specialization embraces the entire scope of the criminal law, with particular reference to crimes against the person, against property, liability and medical professional typically.
Received at the Headquarters of Catania, in Via Asiago n. 53 and, by appointment, at the secondary office of Agrigento, Viale della Vittoria n.275.